Students enhance their leadership skills during FBLA Week

Published 9:00 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2024

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District administrators wanted to find ways to promote career and technical student organizations (CTSO) by hosting a week of events for each CTSO program in the county and highlighting different ways they could contribute and bring awareness to career and technical education.

The second CTSO to celebrate during the month was the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA).

National FBLA Week is a special week for FBLA members where students learn about business and how it can be incorporated into their everyday lives.

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Starting on Feb. 12, Lowndes County Public School students participated in numerous activities catered around the FBLA program. 

Bridget Davis, LCPS FBLA advisor, said that the events showed the importance of volunteering as well as celebrating the FBLA organization. 

“FBLA Week is important for a few key reasons,” Davis said. “It’s a special time when members can proudly show off what the Future Business Leaders of America organization is all about, bringing everyone together. During this week, members get to learn and grow through different activities like workshops and community projects, helping them develop important skills for the future. Plus, it’s a chance to spread the word about the importance of business education and inspire the next generation of leaders. Overall, we take FBLA Week as a big deal because it strengthens the organization and helps members succeed.” 

The week’s events included reading books to elementary children, an organized a tour for middle school students to showcase what FBLA is all about, a professional dress day, an annual tradition of distributing Candy Grams to spread joy, a day of appreciation for the county’s FBLA advisors, and Spirit Friday where every member proudly sported their FBLA merchandise. 

The participants for the week were all of the 112 FBLA members plus their advisors and there was a special appearance by Shardajai Harris, Alabama FBLA District 4 Vice President. 

Corsheka Rich, LCPS FBLA advisor, highlighted the many ways that FBLA Week has benefited the students of Lowndes County CTSO programs like FBLA. 

“The benefits are unmatched,” Rich said. “FBLA Week provides a platform for students to enhance their leadership, communication, and teamwork skills through participation in various activities such as workshops, competitions, and community service projects. These activities continue to foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among students, promoting collaboration and support within the organization. In addition to that, FBLA Week inspires students to explore career paths in business and entrepreneurship, empowering them to pursue their goals with confidence and determination. Overall, FBLA Week equips students with valuable experiences and resources that contribute to their personal and professional growth, preparing them for success in future endeavors.”