Lucky Buck Jewelry debuts at Calico Fort

Published 9:38 pm Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Lucky Buck Jewelry, known for its stunning handcrafted pieces, debuts its creations at the 52nd Annual Calico Fort Arts and Crafts Fair on Apr. 13-14. Established in 2006 by Bubba Griffin, Lucky Buck Jewelry is more than just a jewelry business, it’s a testament to the Griffin family’s love, resilience and creativity.

In a heartfelt message on their website, Bubba Griffin shares the story of their family’s blessings and challenges.

“Our lives have been blessed with three beautiful children from Guatemala,” Buck writes. “Our first son Ian came home at 15 months. Our second son Brody came home at 22 months and then our daughter Atlee came home at 34 months.”

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Brody was diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic mental impairment and a leading known genetic cause of autism. He is expected to be a forever child but despite the challenges, the Griffins find miracles in each day.

The genesis of Lucky Buck Jewelry is deeply intertwined with the family’s journey. The name itself was inspired by a 60-year-old buckeye given to Bubba’s wife Wendy by a friend for good luck. Bubba fashioned a leather necklace with it, sparking an unexpected demand.

“I made Wendy a leather necklace with it and she got dozens of compliments and orders off the necklace which gave us the name, Lucky Buck Jewelry,” Bubba shared. Even after the friend, Mrs. Doris, passed away, her legacy lives on through Lucky Buck Jewelry.

Today, Lucky Buck Jewelry is a joint effort, with Wendy working alongside Bubba full-time since 2001. Their inventory is constantly evolving, with each piece custom-made and unique.

“Every day that I get to spend with my family, I am encouraged to make more jewelry to guarantee quality time with them,” Bubba remarked. Their passion for jewelry-making shines through in their stunning, handcrafted pieces.

Reflecting on their journey, Bubba recalls the early days when he had a full-time job and started making stretch bracelets.

“It’s been a journey with a lot of trial and error. I’ve learned a lot,” Bubba said.

Despite the challenges, Bubba finds joy in the process, spending his days handcrafting jewelry that reflects their daily lives.

“I told myself I’d keep doing it as long as I was still having fun…and I’m still doing it.”

Lucky Buck Jewelry’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship has garnered them a loyal following. The family participates in various shows and events, including Calico Fort. Through their online presence and in-person interactions, the Griffins have built a community around their jewelry, turning strangers into friends.

Wendy said the pair have traveled the country and interacting with customers is their favorite part of the job.

“We love meeting new people. It’s great because you start off as strangers and leave as friends,” said Wendy.

With their unwavering dedication and passion, the Griffins continue to inspire others through their beautiful creations, embodying the true spirit of Lucky Buck Jewelry.