Fort Deposit seeks citizen input

Published 10:30 am Friday, August 16, 2019

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Fort Deposit Mayor Fletcher Fountain wants to see the town grow and he also wants input from residents on how to do that.

Fountain suggested a Town Meeting and hopes to set something up in the next few months to gather input on how to make Fort Deposit grow.

“I told you at the last meeting that we need to have some town meetings,” Fountain told the Council Monday night. “We need to come together and see which way we want the town to go. We want to know what they want in Fort Deposit. We want to plan and work toward it for next year, and the year after next. It might not get there, but we need a plan.”

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Fountain said he had spoken with Floyd Harris of Alabama Power about having a community planner visit the town.

“I also plan to discuss the plan with South Central Alabama Development,” he said. “They have a planning grant to do zoning. They would be glad to help plan. If we paid dues to it every year, they will come down and meet with the citizens of the town and get with the planning and action. I plan to begin in September.”

Fountain said he plans to make a decision soon so that he can make an announcement letting everyone know about the meeting.

“If you’ve got a plan for Fort Deposit, it will be heard,” Fountain said. “The Planning Commission will take charge of this and bring it to the Council. In fact, the Council will be in the planning. You see what’s going on with the streets; you see what’s going on with the sewer. Believe you me, there’s going to be some changes made. Some things are going to happen in Fort Deposit. Fort Deposit is going to grow again, believe it or not.”

A groundbreaking on a sewer project will happen soon on the sewer project, according to the Mayor.

“We’re going to have a groundbreaking on
Sept. 24,” he said. “We’re already trying to recruit retailers, because that’s what is going to bring taxes. Retail will bring us money in order to build up our town. I want to see the state reroute Fort Deposit as a scenic route to Robert Trent Jones Cambrian Ridge and bring that traffic down through here. If people have stores, somebody is going to stop and buy something.”

Fountain added that  businesses that have opened in Fort Deposit are seeing an upward trend.

“Front Porch Barbecue is growing,” he said. “They’ve had their biggest sales about a month ago. People are finding out about it and folks are coming down. They’re buying. Before long, I’m told we’re going to have more new business. We’re going to grow. All we need to do is get together and work together. We can get some things done. Maybe we’ll get a hotel and fast food place. They’re already inquiring about coming out here.”

Fountain said he wants the local citizens to be involved in the growth.

“I would encourage young folks who are in fort Deposit to get a business,” he concluded. “Get you a hot dog stand and specialize in hot dogs, get you a hamburger stand and specialize in hamburgers, get you a mom and pop grocery store. I guarantee you can make it.”