Three Central players sign to play college ball

During the Central High School Signing Day, held on Thursday, February 3, three students were recognized for the colleges they have chosen to play higher-level sports for.

The first student recognized was Derrick McCall Jr. who chose to sign with and play football for the MTI Bison of South Florida.

During his signing, McCall took the time to recognize the football staff and thank them for all they have done for him.

“I just want to thank the coaching staff and Coach Perry for leading me in the field and teaching me how to play the game of football,” he said.

The next student recognized was Trakeon Safford. Saffard also signed to play football with the MTI Bison of South Florida.

The last student recognized during college signing day was Derrick Ingram. Ingram chose to sign to play football with the University of West Alabama.

Like McCall, Ingram also took a brief moment to thank those that helped him get to this moment.

“I would like to thank my family and the coaching staff for helping to put me in the position where I am now,” he said.

Following the signings, the coaching staff for the football team gave closing remarks concluded by Defensive Coordinator Brian Coleman.

“I love you guys and if you ever need anything, remember I am just a phone call away,” Coleman said. “You represent not just yourselves but our school as well. Not many people get to get out of here. Remember you have the opportunity for something bigger.”