County Water Authority unveils building cornerstone

By David Lovell/The Lowndes Signal

Community pride was on display Monday afternoon as Lowndes County Water Authority unveiled its recently erected cornerstone for their office building in Hayneville. Built in 2013, this building houses the administrative offices that ensure safe drinking water is delivered to Lowndes county residents.

The new building was desperately needed for the growing water authority. The Lowndes County Water Authority serves more than 1,200 customers.

“The last facility we were in was very small and could not serve the needs of a water system. We could only serve one or two customers in the lobby at a time. It also could not house the equipment we had planned to purchase,” Lowndes County Water Authority Chairperson Orbuty Ozier said. 

“With the help of a grant and a loan from the USDA, the Lowndes County Water Authority building now serves the needs of the system so it can run efficiently,” Ozier said. 

“I can’t begin to express to you how excited I am today and how excited I was in 2013 to see this building constructed and this project funded through the USDA. It was needed,” Kathy Horne with Water Management Services, Incorporated, said. 

Having a strong water system is vital to future economic growth and provides increased economic development opportunities for Lowndes County. The Lowndes County Water Authority is prepared to meet the needs of future industry. 

“When it comes to providing water to potential businesses and industry, the Lowndes County Water Authority is ready. We are prepared and have positioned ourselves to be able to get the funding necessary to meet the needs of future industry in Lowndes County,” Ozier said.

The Lowndes County Water Authority employs many local residents and has board members that set rules and regulations to make sure that the customers have the safest water possible. 

“The Lowndes County Water Authority is a model for what water authorities this size should look like, not just the building itself but the example of the management and the board of directors. This group models what a water authority this size should be anywhere,” Will Barrett, Engineer with Civil Southeast Engineering, said. 

“It is so inspiring to see an organization continue to work together for the common good of our rural residents in Lowndes County. These are the projects that we love to see. This facility has a true impact on someone who is making one hundred thousand dollars or someone who is making five thousand dollars and is on a fixed income. All can receive clean, potable drinking water and that’s what we want to see in our rural communities,” Director of Rural Development for the State of Alabama Nivory Gordon, Jr., said. 

There is a plan being developed to provide a mural of Niagara Falls to be painted on the main wall in the boardroom by the building’s designer and muralist, William Ozier.

“I’ve been inspired sitting here and I am going to donate a mural of Niagara Falls to be placed on the wall of the chamber. It will take a plain room and really give it some excitement,” William said.

The main lobby has been closed due to Covid-19, but has recently opened its doors to the general public. They are located at 641 State Highway 21 South, Hayneville, AL. For more information, visit or call 334-548-6235.