Local business frames the future

Heart of the Home framing does everything from banners to custom mirrors and does so using creativity and cutting edge technology.

Created in 1977 in an old Texaco station at the Priester’s Pecan entrance, Heart of the Home has made its way into a new dedicated building at 940 Old Fort Road East in Fort Deposit.

“I was a senior in high school and I had no idea what I wanted to do, “ Charles Heartsill , the owner, said.   “A teacher, Mrs. Rose Ellis, set me up for an interview with Toby Coleman who was doing framing and woodworking. I started burning trash for them after school and shortly after bought into the business. Eventually, I thought , I’m going to try this on my own.”

Jenna Jones, Heartsill’s daughter, joined her father at the frame shop recently and is now the lead on all things tech. “These tools make everything go so much faster. You should see how fast Jenna can program these things and have something made, it’s incredible,” said Heartsill.

The business ships all over the southeast. “We do banners, custom mirrors, etching, engraving , and other things like that,” Jones said.

Among all the ornate frames and pictures are high tech machinery, including a laser cutter that can accurately cut and engrave most anything into wood, glass, and other materials . Another groundbreaking piece of equipment is the ShopBot, a robotic router that makes incredibly accurate cuts of whatever parameters are programmed. The ShopBot has the production ability of a 3-shift factory.

If you or anyone you know ever need one of Heart of the Homes creations you can call 334-227-3800