Hayneville restaurant takes the cake


DeepWoods is a soul food restaurant located on 345 South Commerce Street in Hayneville. DeepWoods seems to be a favorite of locals as well as tourists that are beach bound judging by the online reviews.

Owned and operated by Mary Bell with help from her sister, Cherry Prince, the entire restaurant is solely run by the two sisters.

DeepWoods is a “meat and three”, which means customers pick a protein, then any three sides. There are many homemade dessert options that can be added on. The restaurant has been open since 2007 and is opened completely for lunch with a plethora of food to choose from. At dinner, DeepWoods takes short orders and call-ins.

“I’ve always loved cooking and working with food. I’ve been in the restaurant industry for about 11 years,” Bell said. “I started at a store that had a deli, and then decided to expand and I opened this (DeepWoods) up in 2007.”

Next time you’re around Hayneville or heading to the beach, make sure to stop in DeepWoods for soul food in the south. Call in orders can be placed at 334-548-5227.

“This is country cooking at its finest,” Maxine Bailey said, who is one of many happy customers. “The deserts are like being in grandma’s kitchen.”