Food festival: Lowndes Academy celebrates annual event

By Barrett Leverette

The Lowndes Signal

Every year, students at Lowndes Academy embark on a special trip around the world — right in the school’s lunchroom.

As part of a class project, students in the seventh-grade geography class are encouraged to study different countries and present them to the student body.

The International Food Festival is an annual event everyone looks forward to according to seventh-grade teacher Rhonda Touil. Each student is challenged to research the culture and history behind a single country for the project.

“Each student selects a country, does research, and creates a powerpoint presentation,” Touil explained. “This includes the location, spoken and written language, currency and exchange rate, topography, climate, brief history, current events, foods, etc.”

From Ireland to Japan, students dressed in traditional clothing and offered native foods to the other students.

“At the end of project, they select foods from their country and present it to be served to their class, faculty, and the sixth-grade class,” Touil said. “They are graded on the presentation and food choice.  They also receive extra points for dressing in cultural attire from their country.”

All in all, the International Food Festival proved to be a success.