Town celebrates the life of a 104-year-old resident

This Saturday, more than 150 people gathered to celebrate the life of Fannie Mae Poole Taylor, a Fort Deposit resident who had a significant impact on the community.

Taylor was born June 13, 1916, and passed away on May 13, 2021. In her 104 years, her kindness and love touched so many lives in the community they knew they had to make a final grand gesture to her.

The community worked together, with the help of Fort Deposit Mayor Boone, to make everything happen. A police-led motorcade traveled the flagged route leading the funeral procession. American flags lined the streets, beginning at Lowndes Middle School and leading the way to the procession at Fort Deposit Cemetery. The community provided the flags that decorated the streets and they will be donated for future causes of reverence.

Scriptures were then read by Otis Murrell, followed by prayer led by Minister Delois Thigpen. Shortly after, there were songs by Minister Melinda Tolliver. Taylor’s family was presented with a crystal plaque donated by the mayor. Bishop Bennie J. Stanford gave the eulogy.

Many people attending the event knew Taylor since childhood. “I remember we would all go to her house. She was like one of those community moms where all the kids would stop by,” Rodney Smith, who -spent time at Taylor’s house during childhood, said. “She had the best fruits and candy at her house. I remember she would catch us picking her plums, but she was just such a nice lady.”

Taylor was very active throughout her life. She enjoyed sewing, fishing and tending to her flower garden. She had five children, 23 grandchildren, 49 great-grandchildren, 38 great-great-grandchildren and nine great-great-great grandchildren.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the prayers, acts of kindness, love, words of encouragement, and other acts of sympathy shown during our time of bereavement,” the family said.