Central falls to Prattville

The Central Lions failed to pull off a win against the Prattville Lions in last Friday night’s game, losing 18-28.

The Lions battled it out in a back and forth match.

Prattville made the first score with a 25-yard pass touchdown and field goal.

Central pulled off a 36-yard pass but was unable to make the field goal leaving Prattville in the lead.

Prattville answered back with two touchdowns back to back and two successful field goals extending their lead to 21-6.

Central came back with a 46-yard pass touchdown, but missed the extra point.

Not to be outdone, Prattville completed a 45-yard run. Central completed a 49-yard touchdown pass before the end of the game, but it wasn’t enough to close the gap.

No. 3 Derric McCall Jr. completed three passing touchdowns and racked up 254 passing yards, and 20 rushing yards in Friday night’s game.

No. 7 De’Sammieon Simpson had 165 receiving yards, and No. 9 Joshua Gordon led the tackles with six.

No. 52 Alvin Thomas collected 198 kickoff yards.

Central will take on J.F. Shields at home tomorrow night.