A decade of faith, love, growth

Published 8:00 am Sunday, June 23, 2024

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By Dunford Cole

My tenth year as the Pastor of Camp Ground/Rutledge Global Methodist Church comes to a close in June. Brandy and I are grateful as we reflect on this significant journey. Here are some essential lessons I have gathered during these years: 

* Cling to your calling, especially during the toughest times. 

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* Cherish and nurture your marriage, as it is crucial for your well-being. 

* Stay rooted in the Word, finding strength in regular Bible study. 

* Commit to lifelong learning through reading, conferences, and mentorship. 

* Embrace and care for your congregation with love and compassion. 

* Maintain a positive outlook and avoid taking things personally. 

* Trust in God’s guidance for your ministry, family, and church. 

* Dedicate the necessary time and effort to excel in your work.

* Remain humble and grateful, even amidst success. 

* Lead authentically, reflecting faith in Christ. 

* Be present with your people.  

* Be trustworthy.

* Be compassionate.

* Be teachable; you are not always right.

* Be a good listener.

* Be a pastor. 

* Be a friend to the rich and the poor, and show no partiality.

* Address problems promptly instead of ignoring them.

* Remember that quitting is not an option when called by God.

* Learn from mistakes and extend forgiveness to others.

* View people who complain as fellow believers, not adversaries. 

* Take responsibility for all outcomes, whether positive or negative. 

* Make decisions considering long-term implications for the greater good. 

* Prioritize faithfulness over popularity.

* Develop a strategic approach to social media and maintain consistency. 

* Publicly appreciate and uplift those around you. 

* Reflect on your journey and express gratitude for the lessons learned. 

* Embrace each and every moment. 

* Spend time with God by worshiping.

* Pray, pray, pray.

* Stay in love with God. 

I am looking forward to our 11th year which will begin on July 1 and approach the future with optimism knowing that the best is yet to come. Amidst the changes and the constants, these invaluable lessons will continue to guide me on the path to growth and perfection. Best of all, God is with us! 

Dunford Cole is pastor at Camp Ground and Rutledge Global Methodist Church.