Following God’s Compass

Published 10:30 am Saturday, June 8, 2024

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By Brandon Baggett

Have you ever been lost? Have you ever taken a wrong turn, found yourself on the wrong road, or attempted to get somewhere by going the wrong direction? Have you ever ended up somewhere you never intended to be? If you can relate to any of these frustrating experiences, then you understand the importance of direction. 

If you are going to get where you want to be, then you must start off in the right direction. You cannot get to Atlanta from Montgomery by traveling west, and you won’t make it to Tennessee from Alabama if you get on the interstate going south. You simply must have direction. Furthermore, you must follow the right directions! 

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Interestingly, the book of Psalms begins with the person who is truly “blessed” (v.1) by God. As we further unpack this passage, we learn this man is blessed because he doesn’t walk “in the counsel of the wicked” (v.1). Conversely, “his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on His law He meditates day and night” (v.2). In other words, the person of Psalm 1 is blessed because they follow the right directions. They do not allow the winds of the world to direct their sails. Instead, this blessed person is searching God’s Scriptures, allowing His word to be the compass for their life. Our daily prayer should ask God to “direct my steps by your word” (Psalm 119:133 NKJV). 

If you’ve gotten lost, made some wrong turns, or are searching for direction, then try following the right directions. Open God’s word, spend time with the heart of God, and let His Scriptures be the compass for your life. You will be blessed, and your course will be directed to the safe shores of heaven. 

Brandon Baggett is preaching minister at the Luverne Church of Christ.