Letter to the Editor: Lillie Rudolph ‘Thank for Your 30 years of Dedication’

Published 7:37 pm Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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Mrs. Lillie Rudolph is backing it in, turning it around, saying her last, first “Good mornings” and last “Goodbyes” as she lets the air out of her parking brakes for her last ride.”  She is retiring after 30 years of assigning seats, listening to problems, solving problems, protecting but serving, riding but hauling our “futures,” God’s most precious creation “our children.”  

Mrs. Rudolph started this job as a part-time bus driver, substituting for other drivers for years. Up at 4 a.m. each morning with kids of her own, grandchildren and a husband, Mrs. Rudolph remained focused and dedicated. Soon, she received her own bus. 

Sure, every day was not easy, getting her own family ready for their day and dealing with the daily lives of other families as a bus driver, but she remains humble. Soon, one year turned into five, five years into 15, 15 years into 25 and before she knew it bus driving was not just a “job,” but a “career” which she loved doing. 

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Children have always been her passion. I can remember our mom saying, “If I can reach just one child, making his, or her life better, I have done my job.”  She also prayed daily that God [would] drive her bus as she sits behind the wheel, and He has done just that since 1993.

Now, as Mrs. Rudolph [is] back it in for one last time, two words come to mind — “nicely done.” You have completed your task, now it is time to rep.”  

Although we know at times she will miss it, it is time [for her] to pass the torch. Thanks for your time, thanks for your patience, thanks for over 30 years of dedication, service and truth to Butler County School System, the children and to your family and community. 

Mrs. Rudolph, thank you for 30 years of service. “Well done!” 

Angela Hollowan