CoffeeTime with Andy & Renie – Where do toddlers spend eternity?

Published 11:00 am Sunday, May 12, 2024

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By Andy and Renie Bowman

Hmmm…evidently “Where do toddlers spend eternity?” is an often-thought-about and frequently-asked question. Along with many other thought-provoking ones, like “If a baby dies, does that infant go to heaven automatically?” and “Will that child be that age for eternity?” 

Others have questions such as, “Will we be working in eternity? If so, will it be the same kind of work we were trained to do while down here on earth?” (I could feel the shudders of moms of two-year-olds as I typed those last two questions). Similar questions include, “How does anybody know they will go to heaven forever when they die? Is there truly a perfect heaven out there somewhere – where you can actually see and be with God Himself? Is there really a hell to fear? What is hell like? How do we know?” 

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So many questions in our minds, so much uncertainty. Better be reading the Bible for yourself to give you some answers.

I don’t pretend for one fraction of a second to have the perfect answers to all the questions I have heard through the years. I am not a trained Bible scholar, and if I were one, I have the distinct impression that we mere humans are prone to misunderstanding what the Good Book says. Otherwise, why would we have so many differing churches with their completely opposite beliefs about obeying God?

But there is one place where I am pretty sure I can hang my hat on, as my mother always said. And it is this: 

God is real. God is all-powerful. God is all-knowing. God is wise, trustworthy, just, and good. So, if He deems it to be the best thing for two-year-olds to stay two years old forever, well, I believe Him. And if He deems it best for you to be the caregiver of two-year-olds in eternity – then I believe you will be given the patience of Job added to the wisdom of Solomon, and you will be in love with the job He has given you. Notice I did not write “if He deems it best for me to be a caregiver for two-year-olds in eternity.” God is all-knowing about us and our capabilities. And that’s not one of ‘em for this lady.

God created you. So, He knows you – all the way down to the smallest cell in your gizzard. He knows which gifts and abilities He gave you when He created you. Therefore, He is aware of your secret visions and your dislikes. He knows where to post you in heaven. For an eternity that He promises will make your every dream a reality.

So, quit worrying. Oh, sure, if you really want, you can spend your time here on earth fearing and wondering about eternity. He won’t stop you. But He did instruct us to not waste our time being anxious. About anything. He also instructed us to trust Him, and then to have faith in His ability to take care of us…forever.

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