Career Tech names Lowndes County student leaders

Published 10:13 am Tuesday, April 9, 2024

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The Lowndes County Career Technical Education (CTE) programs celebrated their CTE Leaders of the Month on Mar. 18. 

There were a total of seven students named from both The Calhoun School and Central High School, ranging from grades 9-12. 

The number of students named as CTE Leaders of the Month varies depending on how many teachers recommend a student. Each CTE teacher can recommend one student per their program and one teacher is recommended by the CTE Director each month. 

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Samita Jeter, Lowndes County Public Schools Superintendent, said at the beginning of Feb. that the CTE Program is highly important to the success of the students and hopes that the encouragement will take the students far in school and beyond. 

“Our CTE Program does a great job of teaching career readiness or soft skills necessary for high-demand jobs,” Jeter said. “Therefore, recognizing student achievements is important because it gives them a sense of accomplishment. It increases their self-confidence and makes them work harder. This eventually leads them to becoming leaders among their peers. CTE competitions give students valuable experiences and skills that will make them more attractive to employers and more confident in their careers. Competitions provide safe places for students to make mistakes, fail, and celebrate their own successes as well as those of others. Therefore, it is our hope that acknowledging their accomplishments will instill a sense of pride.” 

March’s CTE Leaders of the Month highlighted the following students and their accomplishments: 

  • Shandrea Robinson from Central High School has made excellent progress in her JAG classroom. Her instructors noted that her eagerness to learn new things is commendable and makes wanting to teach her easier. 
  • Jermaine Rush not only shows initiative in his Modern Manufacturing classroom but has also made significant progress in the other areas. Rush displays great leadership skills and great character education through compassion, honesty, trustworthiness, optimism, and responsibility. 
  • Alicia Brazil has consistently demonstrated exceptional qualifications that reflect the core values of The Lowndes County Career Technical Center. She is a shining example of hard work and dedication in her computer science class. Her hard work, positive attitude, and commitment to Agriculture sets a shining example for her peers.  
  • Central’s Cadet XO Shamirria Rudolph has shown great first-class skills this month. Her dedication and leadership traits exemplify what a young leader is and what they are capable of accomplishing.  
  • Coleeta Pugh is a hardworking student dedicated to her education. She was the first student to test out with her Microsoft office credential in BOTH Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word in her Business Administrative Services Classroom. She always takes the initiative to do what needs to be done to accomplish the task. 
  • Kelmaree Spagner is one of the most improved students this semester in his Welding class. He has the leadership skills and knowledge in and out of the welding lab that enhances his peers around him. 
  • Cadet Battalion Commander Deshanna Mason is an outstanding student, who shows great initiative and always leads by example in her JROTC classroom. Her instructors say that she is truly a servant leader in and out of school. She also has shown that she can be chosen to be student of the month, quarter and student of the year, because of her drive, her leadership, her selfless service, and her integrity.

Shameka Baker, Career Tech Director, said that acknowledging the CTE Leaders of the Month has brought upon some very inspiring improvements within the students. 

“Since incorporating the CTE Leaders of the Month, we’ve observed notable improvements in our CTE students, including increased motivation, enhanced technical skills, and a greater sense of pride in their work,” Baker said. “Our students have started to demonstrate stronger leadership qualities and a deeper understanding of their career pathway, which in hope will lead to higher rates of post-secondary success and employability. Moving forward, we plan to continue acknowledging students who are excelling in their CTE classes and integrating CTE achievements into an academic award ceremony towards the end of the school year.”