Lowndes native offers mobile healthcare services

Published 5:42 pm Thursday, March 28, 2024

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Being a nurse is not easy, especially as an entrepreneur, but Black Belt native Lakeysha Johnson understands the work members of the community must put in to help those in need. 

Johnson is the CEO of IHydrate4040, an IV (intravenous) hydration infusion company that provides various types of IV fluids and electrolytes to help replenish the body’s hydration needs. The fluids are administered directly into the bloodstream, allowing quick absorption and efficient hydration. 

Johnson expressed the importance of the service and said she hopes her business will become more widely known. 

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“I offer IV hydration services to the community because I truly believe in its importance,” Johnson said. “These services help with many things such as health and wellness, hydration support, enhanced recovery for athletes and [the prevention of] many health care issues. I want IV Hydration to be more convenient and accessible to people who are not usually able to receive services like the ones I offer.” 

Along with her business, Johnson works as a nurse at Baptist Medical Center South in Montgomery and has been doing so for over nineteen years. She is also a travel nurse. 

Johnson graduated from Central High School in 2000 and began her education in nursing at Wallace Community College in Selma where she became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and earned her Associate of Science degree in nursing (ASN) to become a registered nurse (RN) in 2010. Johnson completed her Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) in 2023 and is currently enrolled at Troy University to pursue her career as a nurse practitioner (NP). 

Johnson said that being a nurse is one of the most fulfilling things for her and she is glad to add being an entrepreneur on top of that because the two are equally important to her.

“I always knew I enjoyed helping people, but after graduating high school I was clueless about what I wanted to do,” Johnson said. “After becoming a mother at a young age, I decided to go the quick route and become a nurse since it was only a one year program. Being a nurse for over 19 years, I know I have the knowledge to provide the IV Hydration services. I was proficient with starting IV and I spent a lot of my time traveling to different states for work. In these states I saw this type of service being provided and realized that I could provide this service back at home because it’s all about my community’s health and wellbeing.” 

Johnson plans on continuing to educate the community on the importance of proper hydration to help them live longer and healthier lives. 

Taahimekica Stringer, Johnson’s older sister, expressed her joy over seeing the person and entrepreneur her sister has become. 

“It’s wonderful to see the amazing woman that she’s grown into,” Stringer said. “As her big sister, I’m proud of what she’s accomplished throughout her journey as a nurse and now as an entrepreneur. It’s been great to see her channel so much of her energy into such fulfilling and worthwhile endeavors.” 

IHydrate 4040 is not currently accepting new clients but will resume offering on the go hydration services in the near future. 

For more information and updates, visit iHydrate4040,LLC on Facebook.