Massage therapist provides peace to community

Published 10:00 am Friday, February 23, 2024

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Providing the community with special services is never without troubles, but White Hall native Kim Pettway understands the need for members of the community to serve each other.

Pettway is a licensed massage therapist and a massage therapy instructor. She has been licensed since 2020 and became an instructor two years later. She has her own business called Mellow Out Massage Therapy, LLC where she offers a multitude of different massage services. 

Kristi Duncan, Pettway’s massage instructor, said that the entrepreneur is one of the best massage therapists she has ever trained. 

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“Kim is essentially a one-stop shop,” Duncan said. “It was very easy to teach her. She was like a sponge and the more she learned, the more she was able to master her craft. She was truly one of the best students that I had and was easy to work with. She did what she had to do and got the job done.”

Along with her business, Pettway currently serves in the United States military and has been doing so for nineteen years. 

The entrepreneur emphasized the importance of her business, not just for members of the community but for everyone, and said that she is proud to be of service to the people of Lowndes County. 

“I don’t think a lot of people realize how important a massage truly is,” Pettway said. “I grew up in Lowndes County and I can say that I had never heard of a massage therapist until I was almost an adult. That’s why I feel like it is so important to educate people on that, especially people in my hometown because we have a lot of people here that want it and have to travel to surrounding areas since there is no one in the community to offer these services.” 

The services Pettway offers include deep tissue massages, lymphatic drainage massages for surgeries, therapeutic massages, and pregnancy massages. She also is available to do sports packages for the athletes in Lowndes County, which include a four week plan with 30-minute sessions. 

Pettway also explained the importance of massages, both those focused on healing the body and relaxation. 

“I learned how important massages really were when I started school,” Pettway said. “For people that are stressed, it’s a form of relaxation and it gets the blood moving in the body. I’ve had people come to me who had no clue what it was and now are coming back for massages. That’s because they understand that just that simple crook in their neck or the cramps they keep having in their hamstrings, a massage can help those things. So I just want people to realize, although you do need a chiropractor, I also feel like you need a massage therapist for your muscles. I want to provide that in the area so that people are physically able to move around like the body should be.”

She wants the county to know that she is available and that she travels depending on the severity of the case. In addition to that, she is not only licensed in Alabama but in Florida as well. Her License number is 5445 for Alabama and MA103737 in Florida. 

Anyone interested in learning more or want to set up a massage can visit or contact Pettway at 334-625-1009 and