Imago Dei Church facilities now holding services

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, January 24, 2024

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Although construction is still being done on the new location of the Imago Dei Church at the 45, the congregation has already begun holding services on the site of its new facility. Mission teams from local churches as well as congregations from Texas, Georgia and Tennessee teamed up with members to carry out the construction of the facility which is already hosting community events. 

Pastor Davey Lyon said that he has great expectations for the future of Imago Dei and what it will be used for. He hopes the church benefits the community. 

“Anything that we can do here that is a benefit to the community, helps us love and minister to our community, builds a relationship with our community, and shares Jesus is what we want it to be used for,” Lyon said. 

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Lyon said in addition to the sanctuary, the church will have many other facilities and programs to not only minister to community members but help them whenever they may need it. 

“We’re still working on the main building but after it is finished, we’ll have a kitchen, bathrooms, classrooms, a multipurpose room, and a food pantry. We have two trailers that were given to us by the Baptist State Board of Missions and we’re using them right now for worship services but eventually one of them will be dedicated for elementary classrooms and the other for high school or junior high classrooms,” Lyon said. “We want to stock our other building with clothes, diapers, blankets, really anything that a person could need and turn it into a family resource center. Our prayers are that we can immediately help any person in need.”

Lyon said that the plans are to get the community involved as much as possible, whether that be with regular services or with programs and events that they have planned in the future. 

“We want to use the pavilion to worship outside as much as possible so that community members will ride by and see the church. If you don’t have church clothes that’s okay, come with what you have, it doesn’t matter at Imago Dei,” Lyon said. “We want to have tutoring, different programs, and summer camps for kids. Our goal is to minister to our community and meet any needs they may have whether that be tutoring or having meals here during the week to get our seniors out of the house.” 

Lyon noted that the first service was great and there were 39 people in attendance. He is highly encouraged and thankful that they were able to have their first service at the new facility. 

“My prayer is that generations from now, people will look back and see what God did and that this county would be different, people would know and love the LORD and glorify him in ways that he has not been before and I pray that he would use us here at Imago Dei to be a small part in that,” Lyon said. 

According to Dewayne Rembert, lead pastor at Flatline Church and church planting strategist for the Montgomery Baptist Association, the people in the community have been very responsive when it comes to the new facility. 

“Watching how God has used Davey to earn the trust of the people has been great,” Rembert said. “I was here when everyone was wary of who he was and what the church was but now the trust is there, and the community wants to know more about God and the Lyon family. I’ve watched him love the people, invite them to his home, spend time with them, be involved in their lives, and help them live better lives with the LORD and the change has been a sight to see over the last few years.” 

Those interested in volunteering or learning more about the church are encouraged to visit the Imago Dei Church at the 45 Facebook page or email Davey Lyon at

Imago Dei Church currently holds a prayer meeting on Sundays at 1:30 p.m. and services at 2:30 p.m. as well as a service from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesdays at 141 Maple Street in White Hall.