ADEM asks water customers not to drip

Published 2:12 pm Friday, January 19, 2024

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Due to excessive water demand experienced by many public water systems across the state, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management is requesting that residents and businesses discontinue dripping faucets once temperatures are above freezing. 

Water utilities across the state are struggling to keep up with increased consumer demand, exacerbated by leaks from frozen pipes as they thaw, ADEM says. The public can help by checking for leaks inside and outside of their homes or businesses. If leaks are found, they should shut off the water supply until the leaks are repaired. 

Customers are urged to contact their local water supplier if they have a major leak and are unable to shut off their water supply. This is particularly important for vacant buildings with water service that have not already been disconnected. 

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Meteorologists are predicting another round of very cold temperatures for much of the state this weekend. ADEM recommends the use of insulated covers for outdoor faucets whenever possible as an alternative to dripping those faucets.