Allen finds dream job in classifieds

Published 4:45 pm Thursday, December 7, 2023

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When trouble arises and help is needed, citizens call on Lowndes County E-911 dispatcher Lethal Allen. For over twenty three years she has helped them with emergency response services. 

Allen got her start in emergency response after stumbling across an ad in a local newspaper, and said that it was divine intervention that led her to a career she truly loves.

“When I was hired on here, I didn’t even know this existed or what it was about,” Allen said. “I had just seen an advertisement in the newspaper and needed a job, and I grew to love it. I love to feel like even though I’m not hands on and face to face with the people, some small part that I did helped somebody.”

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Allen said that helping people and knowing she has made a difference are what make her job so enjoyable, but that sometimes the callers on the other end of the line can unknowingly interfere with her ability to do that.

“Sometimes people don’t want to help us to help them, and they’re not forthcoming with the information we need to give them the proper service,” Allen explained. “A lot of times people feel like we’re going to make their situation into some kind of gossip or something and that the information we’re asking is information we don’t need to know, and we’re just being nosey. They need to understand that the information we ask for is imperative and important for us to be able to give them the service that they need as quickly as we can.”

According to White Hall Police Chief Alveeta Coates, regardless of the situation at hand Allen maintains a level head, kind demeanor, and caring attitude.

“Vince Lombardi said ‘Perfection is attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence’ and that’s how I describe Communications Dispatcher Allen,” Coates beamed. “She is a seasoned dispatcher that cares for the citizens and her co -workers. She speaks to them with kindness and she speaks volumes to me.” 

Coates added that the timeliness Allen employs each day makes her even more of an asset to Lowndes County.

“If we need something done right away, we call on Dispatcher Allen,” Coates said. “It is a blessing to have her on the receiving side of the communication system.”

Allen acknowledged one tidbit she hopes to convey to the citizens she works to serve each day- that she is one of them, and is always ready to help her neighbors.

“I would like for the community to know that I am a citizen of Lowndes County as well, I don’t just work here,” Coates said. “I feel like I’m working with family when I do things to help people here. I just want them to know that I’m here for them, for whatever they need that I can make a little bit better, or try to assist them. Not just me, but our department as a whole, because the majority of us are from here. Lowndes County is our home and the people of Lowndes County are our family.”