Cameron Jarman: Lowndes County lineman, firefighter

Published 8:57 pm Tuesday, November 28, 2023

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Cameron Jarman serves as a first responder on two fronts, working as both an electrical lineman for the last five years and as a volunteer firefighter for nearly four years.

According to Jarman, he decided to pursue a position as an emergency responder shortly after graduating from high school and enrolled in a program where he trained  to become an electrical lineman.

“I decided quickly after high school that building power lines is what I wanted to do,” Jarman said. “I went to a line worker program to get my foot in the door.”

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Though he was content in his decision, he hadn’t quite satiated the urge to aid his community. Shortly after becoming a lineman, Jarman decided to begin volunteering with the Spring Creek Volunteer Fire Department.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a police officer or firefighter,” Jarman explained. “Having the opportunity to have a volunteer department down the road from me allowed me to be able to contribute to the community any way I could, anytime I could.”

Jarman expressed that while both of his roles have their perks, the most enjoyable part of his experience being an emergency responder is knowing he has helped his neighbors in their time of need.

“My favorite part of being a lineman is doing trouble work during storms and getting people’s power back on,” Jarman said. ‘The fire department isn’t much different. The adrenaline rush to show up and extinguish a fire quickly is a feeling like no other.”

Though he receives a great deal of satisfaction in knowing he has been able to help someone in need, Jarman acknowledged that there are dangers in both of his roles that he feels aren’t always understood by the average bystander.

“Both of my jobs have dangers that can be challenging, from being surrounded by fire to handling energized wire that could easily kill you before you know it,” Jarman stressed. “I wish more people would think about the linemen that are working to restore their power and what they’re having to go through to do it rather than worrying about when the lights are going to be back on.”

Jarman added that while volunteer fire departments are sometimes looked over, they hold an important role in keeping the community safe, and said that he is proud to serve his neighbors as a Lowndes County emergency responder.

“Volunteer firemen are equally important in rural areas due to the lack of departments in the counties,” Jarman said. “Overall, I love what I do and I’m blessed to be able to contribute to people in more than one way.”