Terry Steiner, Fort Deposit Police Chief

Published 7:29 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2023

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Fort Deposit Police Chief Terry Steiner started his career as an officer of the law over fourteen years ago and has worked more than thirteen of those years being at the Fort Deposit Police Department. 

The chief said he got his start behind the badge at the Gordonville Police Department as a way to fulfill a destiny he had known was his since childhood.

“Growing up as a little kid in Fort Deposit, I would always see the older guys coming through the neighborhood,” Steiner said. “Seeing what they did made me realize I wanted to become a cop. It was my childhood dream.”

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According to Steiner there are many aspects of his career that he enjoys, but knowing he is fulfilling his duty to the citizens of Fort Deposit is what keeps him going.

“I get up every day and know I’m protecting the citizens and doing good deeds,” Steiner said. “Knowing I’m protecting them is my favorite part.”

District Judge Adrian Johnson commended Steiner on his duty to his citizens and acknowledged the compassion that Steiner exhibits in his role.

“The job of a small town police chief is challenging,” Johnson said. “They must balance enforcing the law with engaging the community in a positive way. Chief Steiner does a great job balancing these interests. He lives in Fort Deposit and cares about his community, and that is reflected in how he does his job.”

As with any career, there are some situations that can prove to make the job more difficult. According to Steiner, staffing shortages are the biggest hindrance he experiences.

“Getting more police officers can be difficult,” Steiner said. “It would make it a lot better out here if we had more police on staff.”

Steiner said that law enforcement officers can sometimes be painted in a negative light, and expressed a heartfelt message to the citizens of Fort Deposit who count on him to protect and serve.

“Even though people watch stuff on television about people who have had bad experiences with cops across the country, that’s not us,” Steiner said. “We are not out there hurting anybody. We are safe people. We want to be your best friend, not hurt you.”