Lowndes Academy schoolhouse stands for 100 years

Published 2:05 pm Sunday, August 27, 2023

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The building which stands today as Lowndes Academy will celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. Erected in 1923, the building pays homage to students who have pursued their educational goals in Lowndesboro for over 193 years. 

According to Susan Mohun, wife of Lowndes Academy Headmaster Barry Mohun, the school’s history plays a vital role in the continued success and upkeep of the school.

“We are very proud of our building, so every day we talk to our kids about taking care of our building and our heritage,” Mohun said. “We want to keep it as beautiful as it’s always been and keep it representing what it always has.”

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In 1830, residents of Lowndes County banded together to establish a boys and girls school, which operated for seven years until the school divided in 1837 giving birth to the Lowndesboro Female Institute. Sometime later in the 1850’s, the school relocated to the location of the current Lowndes Academy. 

Much to residents’ dismay, a large fire in 1927 consumed all but one building in the Lowndesboro Business District, where the school was located. As a result, the Lowndesboro Female Institute, a thriving women’s college at the time, was a total loss. 

One year later construction began to rebuild the school on the same grounds and in 1924, Lowndesboro Elementary opened its doors. Lowndesboro Elementary was in operation until 1957, at which time students were diverted to attend Hayneville Elementary. 

Nine years later in 1966, Lowndes Academy was established in the former Lowndesboro Elementary building, where the school remains to this day.

Mohun said that Lowndes, staff, and alumni are proud of their school and hope to see it house students and faculty for many future generations as it has served so many generations past.

“Our school is a beacon in our community,” Mohun said. “We want it to remain for years to come.”

Lowndes Academy has plans for a few commemorative activities this year in celebration of the building’s 100th anniversary which will include the creation of a Teacher Hall of Fame, and an event in which alumni of the school will be invited to visit the school and pay tribute to its history. The dates of these events have not been released yet.