Reclamation Center removes barriers to change lives

Published 5:15 pm Friday, August 25, 2023

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Founded in 2018, the Reclamation Center of Alabama (RCA) and the RCA Foundation work to provide services and support to individuals who are looking to change their life by receiving treatment and counseling for matters such as substance abuse and mental health.

The RCA’s mantra is, “Teaching individuals to reclaim the lives they once had through strength and recovery” which is a testament to organizers’ belief that every individual deserves a second chance and a third one if needed. Staff members work to ensure every individual is treated with dignity and respect, because they know asking for help can be a major hurdle for some to cross. 

Amy Anderson, founder and standing Chief Executive Officer at RCA, said she had a vision of making treatment services more accessible to both adolescents and adults when she started RCA.

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Executive Director Amy Perry added that in order to fulfill Anderson’s vision, staff members purpose to “meet individuals where they are” by removing barriers and creating access to treatment services.

“Having a substance abuse diagnosis and/or a behavioral health concern can weigh a person’s shoulders down and they give up more often than you would know,” Perry said. “When an individual in need of services has to go through several calls to get to the person that can assist them, that alone can sometimes lead them to give up.”

Unlike other organizations, RCA not only provides treatment services, but they also assist linking individuals to additional support in their community.

According to Perry, one way RCA works to make their services accessible to anyone in need is through their flexible payment options.

“No individual seeking treatment through RCA is denied services because of an inability to pay,” Perry said. “Staff members provide a sliding-scale fee application which, upon completion, renders a feasible amount for the individual to pay. But I want to be clear; we will not turn an individual away if they don’t have the revenue to pay.”

According to Perry, services are offered through RCA both in-person and via telehealth in Lowndes, Butler, Crenshaw, Monroe, Autauga, Elmore and Montgomery counties, however RCA often receives requests for treatment from individuals outside areas of service. In those instances, staff members work diligently to connect individuals with a facility in their area. 

“Our team will accept the information and start the process by scheduling an assessment,” Perry said. “That will determine which level of care is best suited for the individual. We then proceed with the best option for them and render services which include cognitive behavioral therapy, which allows the individual an opportunity to learn as well reflect.”

While most individuals are referred to RCA by either a court referral officer, school counselor, the Lowndes County Department of Human Resources, Lowndes County Public Schools or other private entities, no individual is discouraged from reaching out for services. Individuals in need can call RCA directly at 334-676-3773 or visit their website at