Hayneville Q.V. celebrates Marie Gordon

Published 3:33 pm Thursday, July 20, 2023

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Patrons of the Hayneville Q.V. are greeted by the sweet smile and positive demeanor of longtime night manager, Marie Gordon. The convenience store celebrated Gordon’s 20-year work anniversary on July 14 and community members gathered to show their appreciation for the Q.V. ‘s original employee.

Leanne Harrell, who owns the store with husband Sandy and the couple’s children, said local customers look forward to seeing Gordon, who takes the time to know each customer and their families.

“Last year, a new family moved to our school,” Harrell said. “They knew very few people in our community. After [the mom] learned, we owned the Q.V., she told me how friendly one of our cashiers was to her family. She said each time they visited the store Marie always asked the boys how things were going and if they were enjoying their new school. 

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“I knew exactly who she was talking about. That’s just the way Marie is. She is truly concerned about people and though she may not really know them, she treats them as though they are her good friend.  Everybody loves Marie.  We are blessed to have her as a friend and employee.”

According to Harrell, Gordon joined the Q.V. staff when the store opened and is like a member of their family.

“Marie is part of our family,” said Harrell. “She loves our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. She is always inquiring about what is going on in their lives, school, sports, Church, etc.  We feel the same about her family. Her daughter worked for us for years and just recently started a new business of her own. Marie’s husband is a current employee and cooks the best burgers.”

Frequent customer Michael Gratz described Gordon as someone who goes out of her way to help customers, something that seems rare among customer service workers today.

“She has always been friendly and goes out of  her way to make you feel at home when you come into the shop,” Gratz said. “That’s hard to find at a convenience store most of the time.”

Gordon has filled many roles during her years with the Harrells and there have been many good times, a few bad times, and a little craziness too.

“This has been a nice experience,” Gordon reflected. “I started out as a simple kitchen employee. I moved to cashier and made it to the point where I am a night manager. I can’t explain. I don’t even know how. It’s just been exciting.”

Gordon’s delight in her role seems evident to the Hayneville community.

“When I call up to order something she knows my voice on the phone,” Gratz said. “Most of the time she knows what I want before I say it.”

And when asked why she has stayed with the store for so long, Gordon attributed her long career with the Harrell’s to the store’s warm, family atmosphere.

“It’s a nice environment to be in,” Gordon said. “I just feel like they are my family and I am comfortable and happy here.”

The Harrells say they are grateful Gordon chose to remain on the team all these years and count her as an important part of the store’s operations. 

“Marie has been an important part of our business for 20 years,” said Sandy Harrell. “She started as a food server and has worked every job in our operation. Because of her loyalty and accountability she has gained a position of night manager and we wouldn’t want to operate without her.”