Interdenominational efforts – a picture of heaven

Published 3:46 pm Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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A few weeks ago, I called James Greene, pastor of Lowndesboro Baptist Church, seeking his comments for an article.

Quite by accident, I learned that four Lowndesboro churches — Lowndesboro Baptist, Lowndesboro United Methodist, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, and Lowndesboro Presbyterian Church — gather, worship, and support community ministries together.

A short conversation with Greene took a longer turn as I listened to him describe the way Lowndesboro believers cross denominational lines to encourage and support one another.

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Each Sunday, the churches hold Bible fellowship or Sunday school classes on their own. Afterwards, congregants are invited to worship together at a designated host church.

The first Sunday is hosted by Methodists, the second by Baptists, the third by the Episcopalians, and the fourth by the Presbyterians.

Sometimes, there is lunch afterwards.

Greene told me how the churches work together to host community Vacation Bible Schools, alternating which building the event is held in and supplying volunteers from throughout the four churches.

Greene also discussed the way the pastors serve like pastors to one another, listening to issues within the churches from the perspective of someone who has been there and understands the challenges of ministry.

Later, a conversation with Reverend Sherod Mallow from St. Paul’s helped me understand the long relationships shared by members of the four churches — informal relationships not governed or impacted by denominational differences but focused on a cohesive love for their Savior and for one another.

Those conversations prompted me to reflect on the beautiful cooperative spirit those Lowndesboro churches embody.

From their annual Toys for Tots campaign to the Christmas worship service, Lowndesboro’s faith family loves and serves their community together.

That’s a beautiful representation of heaven here on Earth, at Christmas time and all the rest of the days, too.