Our view: Enjoy a safe, happy Thanksgiving with family, friends

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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We have reached the portion of the year where holidays seem to hit in rapid-fire succession.

Halloween feels like forever ago as many of our readers in Butler, Lowndes, and Crenshaw counties prepare to spend time with their loved ones and close friends on Thanksgiving.

Most families choose to celebrate with a bountiful feast featuring turkey, ham, dressing, macaroni and cheese, and a variety of side dishes, but the day is more than just a meal.

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The dinner marks a time of reflection as we all pause to express our thanks, whether it’s for the big promotion a person received or just simply being thankful for another year in good health.

While some gather around the table, others seek out the prime real estate in front of the television so they can enjoy the Thanksgiving slate of NFL games, at least until they slip into a food-induced slumber.

As we spend those moments together with our loved ones – loved ones who may come from different backgrounds, share different viewpoints, or simply prefer to live their lives under their own terms, let us all remember to have respect and decency for one another.

Leave the political discussions and hot-button topics on the Facebook backburner, and instead focus on the positive memories and good times shared before we all grew up and realized just how complicated adulthood and life can be.

May all your homes be filled with laughter and joy as we move one holiday closer to the end of 2022.