Our view: Plenty to praise about Priester’s Pecans

Published 12:00 pm Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Priester’s Pecans Social Media Director Grace Smith Ellis said it best a week ago in a front-page feature story on the 87-year-old local company – there is definitely a familial atmosphere.

When a company with the history and longevity of Priester’s Pecans in Lowndes County thrives through the course of nearly nine decades, it speaks volumes to the ownership and the employees over the years who’ve made it possible.

Walking through the candy kitchen and watching the employees embrace the task at hand really showcased the climate of the company. Loyal workers with many years of experience put forth their best efforts in producing quality products that also happen to taste delicious if you’re a fan of pecans, cheese straws, and many of the creations crafted within the candy kitchen’s walls.

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The shelling plant may not have been as active since there were no pecans to be shelled, but one might imagine how busy the facility will be as the popularity and demand for the seasonal treats increases.

A fun fact about the shelling plant is, at one time, it was a car dealership before the Ellis family acquired the property, and over time, converted it into the building it is today after numerous expansions.

We hope for the continued success and growth of all associated with Priester’s Pecans, from the top level of ownership all the way down to the employees of 40-plus years who’ve raised their families on the income provided through their hard work with the company.

In 13 years, we’re confident there will be plenty to celebrate.