School Starting Means It Is Time to Get Broadway Washout Problem Fixed

Published 4:38 pm Thursday, July 28, 2022

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An Editorial by The Lowndes Signal

With Lowndes Academy just weeks away from starting a new school year we hope the Town of Lowndesboro and Lowndes County will get together, look into the problem on Broadway what washed out, since has been repaved but still needs to shore up the bank on the east side. If a car goes off into that washed out bank, there could be major problems, injury or death.

We hope the bridge on the eastern side can be fixed soon, too, as people walking the sidewalk north and south now must get in the street to get around the gap in the bridge. Therein is another in not removing a risk of an accident causing the same major problems, injury or loss of life.

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As Lowndes Academy goes into their Fall classes, both the risks above need to be remedied as soon as the matters holding this up are dealt with.

In early June we asked of the Town of Lowndesboro and Lowndes County authorities to get moving on this problem. Add to the school traffic the heavy trucks that navigate Broadway all during the week, and the dangers cited above multiply the risk.

The basic problem seems to be that the County has fixed the road and the Town does not believe it has the funds to do the rest – like fixing the eastern bank of the roadway. At issue, we expect, is whether fixing the bank is whose responsibility it is to fix the bank.

There have been statements from Town and County in the past relating to the above responsibilities. Our hope is that now the County and the Town authorities will get together and agree on a solution. Each has a responsibility to do so for the safety of those using Broadway – and especially for the school traffic.

If there can be no agreement by communication between the Town and County, there needs to be a binding agreement on both to have a lawyer consider the legal responsibilities of each entity and lay down a path for resolution.

The Lowndesboro County and the Lowndes County Commission need to get behind getting the matter resolved.