McCall destined to fly as a Hawk

Published 4:29 pm Thursday, July 28, 2022

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Central High School graduate Derrica McCall recently signed with Shorter to continue her basketball career and education with a full-ride scholarship.

McCall played basketball for five years, eighth grade through twelfth grade, at Central High School. Following graduation, McCall began her college career playing at Bishop State in Mobile, Alabama. She has worked the last two years on her general education studies and is working toward her Associate in Science.

McCall hopes to continue her career in basketball and progress into coaching.

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Two schools were vying for the point guard, Huntingdon and Shorter.

“Shorter put the full ride scholarship on the table,” McCall said regarding how she chose where she would go.

“My family was VERY excited about the scholarship,” McCall said, laughing when asked how her parents reacted to the news.

Looking back, there are things she wished she would have done that she encourages younger ball players to make sure they do.

“I wish I would have practiced more,” McCall said. “I would tell younger players to keep working, stay in the gym, and make sure you put in work outside of practice.”

She said school work should be a top priority.

McCall said everyone in her life had a part in helping her get to where she is.

“Each person had a part in playing getting me where I am.”

And McCall’s best advice is, “Keep God first.”

Derrica is the daughter of Marilyn and Derrick McCall.