Power companies’ line crews due many words of thanks

Published 4:27 pm Friday, June 24, 2022

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An Editorial Opinion of The Lowndes Signal

Rough and windy thunderstorms that seem to be coming repeatedly on us of late have caused what feels like an unusual frequency of power outages. We have no data to base the preceding on, however, but we recognize it as caused by rough weather.

While this goes with the season, it upsets the plans and comforts of many and particularly those who cook, get hot water, cool air and vital information via electric power. Communication, once one has reported their outage is good – usually moving from a first hope of the company to an update or two or so as they work to get personnel and equipment to each and every job.

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They work hard to communicate with their customers.

So it is wonderful to see an Alabama Power or Pioneer Electric Cooperative truck coming into one’s home or business when experiencing an outage.

That truck is in the communications network, so when more help is needed it is expedited. The capabilities of the personnel and wide range of tools and supplies on each truck to expedite repair, obviously has been carefully thought out and planned.

If the system needs improvement, it comes in the area of how a customer reports their outage. It is common in early stages to have all Alabama Power and Pioneer Electric’s lines unable to take one’s call, neither received by computer or person. There is the option of doing so on their web site, but cell phones and the Internet are often either down or jammed by too many trying to use them at the same time.

We do not know enough about such to make a suggestion. But we hope Alabama Power and Pioneer Electric does, or can link up with someone who can aid them and us.

Until then, we are most appreciative to the people of Alabama Power and Pioneer Electric who restore our power safely, as promptly as possible for them and us – and for two companies that work hard to serve their customers.