Nice Work on Broad Street, Alternative Needed For Highway 82’s Dangerous Intersection, Now More Registered Voters Needed June 21

Published 3:45 pm Monday, June 20, 2022

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(An Editorial)

It was nice to see sidewalk work early last week progressing on Lowndesboro’s Broad Street near Lowndes Academy. We hope that is the first of several needed steps to get that dangerous situation repaired. 

The washed down bank on the east side of the road is marked with caution cones and looks in passing like a bad drop down should one going north or south happen to lose control and go off the pavement to the east. We hope that is next in getting this situation as it should be. Trouble there could damage the new pavement on the road. 

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It will be nice when the bridge is repaired and when Lowndesboro’s numerous walkers can stay on the sidewalk. Broad Street is a busy street, a mixture of local traffic and trucks – some heavy. The sidewalk and bridge are needed for pleasure and safety.

Having an alternative to the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) proposal for the Hayneville – Lowndesboro intersection on Highway 80 shown earlier is needed for resolution of dangerous conditions. Many who use that intersection feel a different approach is needed. Their opinion needs serious and continued consideration, as regular users feel strongly that another alternative proposal is needed to that shown weeks ago by ALDOT.

This intersection’s heavy users are a combination of fast through traffic between Selma and Montgomery and a large mix of agricultural, cattle farmers, chicken/egg production crossings all of whom make multiple trips through the intersection. Some are heavy users 10 or more trips daily. 

Our hopes are that a new proposal will also be shown by ALDOT to Lowndes County users and those interested in through traffic relating to Selma and Montgomery.  That traffic moves day and night.

Better warning lights are needed at the intersection, and warning lights for Montgomery bound traffic heading to the crest of the hill above the intersection would make the intersection safer.

As close as we are now to the June 21st Primary Election’s Runoffs, we need to work to get our registered voters out. First thing to know is that if you voted on May 24 you must vote in the runoff only on the party ballot you chose on May 24. There is no ‘cross over’ choice in the runoff. 

Those registered to vote but who did not vote on May 24, we hope, will turnout in high numbers we sorely need and they will have a choice of the Democrat or Republican ballot. You cannot vote for candidates on both – at least not yet. That will come in the General Election on Nov. 8.

But there are important races to be decided in next week’s Runoff Election. Take a look at the Sample Ballots in this issue of The Signal. And we hope you will resolve to vote on June 21 – it is the right of registered voters and a wonderful privilege many in this world do not have.