Memorial Day, A Time For Remembrance Of Those Lost In Defense of Our County

Published 11:10 am Thursday, May 26, 2022

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An Editorial Opinion of

The Lowndes Signal

Russian leadership has commenced war on Ukraine and caused massive destruction along with many deaths among combatants of both sides and many civilians young and old. What the Russian leadership thought would be a quick and decisive win has been met by incredible and heroic defense by Ukrainians, moral support, financial and equipment aid from numerous counties including ours.

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Those who have gone to war know best of the horrors and human sacrifice such brings.. They and many of us have hopes and pray that what is happening now does not develop further. That would be a tragedy for us all.

We should all join them, if not already done.

Come Monday it is time first to remember those who lost their lives in defense of our county and our freedoms. Those of us here live as we do because of the many lives lost and effective decisions by those who served and led our military and government. Such losses of life never heal, and their remembrance should always be a catalyst to our leadership to find a means of satisfactory resolution that will avoid war.

We are at that ‘crossroad’ now.

Please join those in remembrance who were there in combat and those who were not who invest the time to understand the high price of war in human suffering and loss. That would be wise, as we ready for the pleasures ahead on this important day.

Many who served in the past made it home. Please focus too on what they invested in our country and world. We have another day to honor them. But it is wise to remember now what they did, and then came home to live among us. Many stand ready to repeat their sacrifice to defend all of us. A price for our way of life has always required readiness, and we are all blessed to be among those still ready and willing to defend our liberties, beliefs and our county.

Remembrance is a privilege and an obligation, and it is among the ingredients to achieve the will and means to maintain peace. Our hope is that our world can once again meet this important goal.