Wondering Why Major Damage on Lowndesboro Broad Street Not Fixed?

Published 8:25 am Thursday, May 19, 2022

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(An Editorial Opinion of The Lowndes Signal Staff)

Broad Street that runs through the heart of the Town of Lowndesboro is both the main street of the town and Lowndes County Road 29. That is likely at the root of why major damage on the road and to the sidewalk bridge to the east is still unfinished. The spot we write about is just before getting to Lowndes Academy if going north through the town.

Thus, the town and the county have here what could become a dangerous situation if not already that. It relates to both vehicles and foot traffic and with the wrong set of circumstances could cause major damage, injury or death to anyone involved with such a possibility. It is a public safety problem, pure and simple.

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First needed is a proper handling of the water under the road that created the problem. That would appear to be a county obligation. The water problem may or may not have been properly fixed. That is a matter for a road engineer to resolve as it is a matter of opinion, and opinions vary. That is why a professional engineer is best in this situation.

Fixing the road comes next, and that too appears to be a county obligation. The road has been repaired. But if the water under the road or at both sides in right-of- way need attention, it might become complicated because of repairs already done to the road.

If the above matters are county responsibilities the person at the point for handling would be County Commissioner of District #1, Robert Harris.

Then fixing the sidewalk bridge and sidewalk, which may be a Town of Lowndesboro obligation or might be one to be undertaken by the Landmark Foundation. But neither would be wise to move ahead without knowing if the water flow problem is properly fixed.

As these matters seem to be Town of Lowndesboro matters, we expect that Mayor Anne Spooner and the Town Council are at the point for handling.

The obvious first step would seem to be getting the professional opinion of a road engineer as to whether the water problem under the road within the road right-of-way has been properly handled. And further opinion needed as to what the Town of Lowndesboro needs to do, if anything, on both sides of the right-of-way for proper protection from the water problem.

We hope the accompanying picture illustrates the need and that the commissioner and the mayor will be in agreement that getting the engineering opinion is needed and necessary. That seems to be a county obligation to us, and we hope if they see the town with an obligation here that the town share will be minimal as it or the Foundation have major expense in foot bridge and sidewalk repair caused by water damage from the road.