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In-person instruction offered in April

Lowndes County Schools has made the decision to offer in-person instruction for the fourth nine weeks.

According to Superintendent Jason Burrows, the decision to allow students the opportunity to engage in in person learning was discussed during the recent school board meetings.

“During our recent school board meeting I make the recommendation to offer in person and virtual schooling for the fourth nine weeks,” Burrows said. “Our principals surveyed parents and was able to gather information on which parents wanted their child to return to in person learning.”

However, although many parents have given a response regarding their decision, Superintendent Burrows said many parents have yet to decide.

“We need to gather that information as soon as possible,” he explained. “Without that concrete data, schools won’t be able to plan for how to safely engage with students and our school buses won’t be able to properly socially distance our students.”

Any student who returns to in-person learning will be required to wear masks. This policy will continue to be in effect after the mask mandate ends on April 9.

Further information about in person instruction will be posted to the district website and Facebook page no later then this afternoon. Additionally, individual schools will update parents on their structure and procedures regarding in person learning by the end of the week.

The deadline for parents to decide if their child will return to in person learning is this Friday.