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Lowndes County Schools to be virtual indefinitely

Lowndes County Schools has made the decision to extend virtual instruction beyond March 1.

According to Superintendent Jason Burroughs, the board of education decided to extend virtual schooling for an indefinite amount of time due to a high number of COVID-19 positive cases.

“Recently, we have had a high number of cases among school employees as well as student athletes,” he said. “Of those positive cases involving school employees, many of them were hospitalized. So, we had to make decision to continue virtual instruction at the last board meeting. We could not wait until March to make that decision.”

Although it is uncertain when students may return to in-person instruction, Burroughs wants to assure parents that schools will continue to do their best in aiding students throughout this trying time.

“Parents will still be able to bring their children to schools in small groups for additional help,” he said. “Students in kindergarten through third grade can receive extended learning for literacy and our high school students can apply for credit recovery if they fail any of their classes this semester.”

Burroughs also said high school students will still have an opportunity to participate in standardized testing. “Pre-Act testing will still be available for our 10th graders,” he said. “Soon the 11th graders will still get to take their ACT’s and some of our seniors will have an opportunity to take the Work Keys.”