Fort Deposit sends letter to commission in opposition of proposed night club

Published 5:19 pm Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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After weeks of back and forth about a proposed night club in Fort Deposit, residents who live near the community brought a letter from the Fort Deposit attorney and heard from the Fort Deposit Police Chief saying they did not want the club in their community at the most recent Lowndes County Commission meeting.

The letter from Arlene M. Richards, attorney for the Town of Fort Deposit, said in a letter they are raising objects to the liquor license.

The letter went on to say that they had previously had issues with the owner of the club including gunshots, large unruly crowds, overloaded capacity and minors drinking.

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The letter also stated that the facility was a mobile home, and the closest fire department was the Fort Deposit Fire Department.

Fort Deposit Police Chief Terry Steiner said that having the club in Fort Deposit would be a liability for him since he is short-handed in terms of his police force.

“We like to keep our town quiet,” he said. “They can keep that in Montgomery.

For several commission meetings residents who live in the area have attended to voice their opposition to the club.

Commissioner Joey Barganier, who serves the district in which the proposed club is in, is not in favor of the club.

The owner of the proposed club, which would be located on Hwy. 185, is Keith Bailey. Bailey wasn’t ready to actually to apply for a liquor license because he still needs to renovate the building to become a club. However, Bailey said he didn’t want to put $30,000 into a building if the commission was against the liquor license.

The commission has a unwritten rule that they typically do not bring issues to a vote if it’s not in their district. Therefore, they are looking to Barganier to do that.

But since Bailey has not brought a liquor license application before the commission, there was nothing to vote on specifically.