Worship Center dedicated

Published 11:04 am Friday, August 23, 2019

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The Southview Worship Center in Hayneville hosted its dedicated Sunday as years of work came together to dedicate the church building.

Housed in what was once a Family Dollar store in the Hayneville Plaza, the church has transformed the building into a beautiful worship center.

The service included plenty of music and presentations by a variety of ministers and dedication by Bishop Leo Lewis.

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Pastor Karl Bell and First Lady Helenor Bell welcomed guests and members alike to the service, emceed by Mother Mildred Scott.

“We give thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the call and mainly the anointing to establish the Southview Worship Center and allowing us to be empowered by the precious Holy Spirit to operate in the gifts of the spirit,” Pastor Karl Bell said. “We also thank our aunt, Mrs. Annie Patrick for seeing this vision with us a long time ago and praying and encouraging Helenor and I to move forward with it. We thank Prophet Johnny Bandy, the late Elder Roger Moss and the late Bishop O.C. Scott for seeing this vision and getting it started, the Southview Worship Center prayer warriors that constantly prayed for Helenor and I to move forward with it.”

Bell also thanked salinometers and deacons of the church as he spoke and also thanked Bishop Lewis for his efforts.

“He is a very wise man for all of the sound advice and encouragement throughout the past several decades,” Pastor Bell said.

Prophet Johnny Bandy gave the welcome and occasion and then Rev. Jerome Hinson led a prayer. The Rev. Rhonda Trone spoke on the topic of “why dedicate a church to God?” Alana Miller performed special music as did the Southview Band & Praise Team.

Architect Kippy Tate shared his thoughts about the project with those in attendance as well before a special candle lighting musical took place with the youth of the worship center. Deacon Napoleon Mays then helped hand out special awards to those who helped in the construction of the facility.

“I had a call one afternoon from a very distinguished man, you all know who he is, Bishop Leo Lewis,” Tate said. “He asked me if I would come to speak with Pastor Bell about a project. My wife and her family had delivered flowers to the Bell Funeral Home for years, so I got on down the road to see the pastor and his lovely wife. As I stand here today, I am filled with joy that we have gotten to this point. There are a lot of folks involved in ‘we.’ You have a leader here in your pastor here at this church. At the end of the day, he gave everybody the opportunity to discuss it and get their two cents in. At the end of the day, he made certain that it was a good decision, anointed by God.”

Tate said the church’s foundation — it’s pastors and members were keys to its success.

“This is a building,” Tate said. “I’m the architect. Local people put the sheetrock in, the concrete in and the ceiling in place but if it’s not filled with the Holy Spirit, you can tear this building apart. I’m certain that Pastor Karl Bell would not allow that to happen.”

Southview Worship Center opened its doors six years ago under the leadership of the Bells. According to the church history, Bell has “proclaimed the Gospel for many years. The church began when Pastor Karl Bell began to have bible study on Thursday nights.

Lewis also spoke to the crowd and offered a long prayer to dedicate the building before delivering a message from God’s word.

Pastor Karl Bell and First Lady Helenor Bell then made remarks at ceremony before adjourning for a meal hosted by the church. Mother Mildred Scott and Cynthia Payton Carter were co-chairs of the dedication.