Hayneville Middle goes from F to C, Lowndes School District gets C in latest report card

Published 7:53 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

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By Fred Guarino

The Lowndes Signal

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) recently released the Accountability System Section of the Alabama Unified Report (AUR) for 2017-18 showing the Lowndes County School District once again received an overall letter grade of C, improving from a score of 72 to 77. But Hayneville Middle School improved the most going from an F to a C.

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This portion of the report includes the Alabama State Report Card (commonly referred to as the A-F Report Card) and provides a letter grade for each school/school system.

According to the 2017-18 District Summary Letter Grade released: All of Lowndes County got a letter grade of C for a score of 77.

However, individual Lowndes County schools received the following letter grades and scores: Calhoun C for a score of 72, Central Elementary C for a score of 72, Central High C for a score of 70, Fort Deposit Elementary D for a score of 62, Hayneville Middle C for a score of 71, Lowndes County Middle School C for a score of 71 and Jackson-Steele Elementary D for a score of 66.


Lowndes County School Superintendent Jason Burroughs said, “I am pleased with the progress that we made for school accountability. Although the district had a C last year, we still increased a few points overall.”

He said, “Hayneville Middle School has the greatest growth as they moved from an F to a C. The Calhoun School, Central Elementary School, Central High School, and Lowndes County Middle School increased from a D to a C.  Jackson- Steele Elementary School and Fort Deposit Elementary School made a score of a D.”


Former Lowndes County School Superintendent Dr. Daniel Boyd said, “I am pleased with the achievements and the continued academic growth in the schools. It is a testament to when we work and believe in our children and ourselves, we can accomplish objectives.  Lowndes County has an impressive team, and the best is yet to come!”


Ultimately, the AUR will be a collection of numerous components of state and federal data, including the Alabama State Report Card. The AUR will combine required federal and state public data, and will place them collectively on the ALSDE’s website for public consumption, transparency, and analysis. The full AUR will be available on the ALSDE website (www.alsde.edu) at a later date.


State Superintendent of Education, Dr. Eric Mackey, said the compilation of this data is not only in keeping with federal and state guidelines, but just as importantly, provides a window into our state’s public education system’s standings for all stakeholders to view.’


He said, “Overall, we are pleased with the academic growth that we see across the state. It is a testament to the dedication of our teachers, principals, and all those who support their work that student performance continues to rise. As state superintendent, I am grateful for these hardworking individuals in our local schools who improve the trajectory of children’s lives every day.


We believe that our best days and highest levels of achievement lie ahead of us, not behind, and we look forward to working with our state policymakers and lawmakers in 2019 to make sure that we are providing ever better resources and supports for our schools.”