Fort Deposit Council revokes Skyy Boxx Bar and Grill business license

Published 11:21 pm Thursday, March 2, 2017

By Fred Guarino

The Lowndes Signal

After hearing from the owner and manager of Skyy Boxx Bar and Grill in Fort Deposit and testimony from citizens and law enforcement officials, the Fort Deposit Town Council voted to revoke the business license of Skyy Box Bar and Grill Thursday night, March 2.

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The motion to revoke was made at a special meeting of Fort Deposit Town Hall that included a hearing on the matter by Darrell Heartsill and seconded by Randy Adams. It was approved with Heartsill, Adams, Mayor Fletcher Fountain, Jacqulyn D. Boone, Stacy Derrico voting in favor and Donnie Hunter abstained.

Following the vote Keith Bailey, owner and manager, said the decision by the council was “absolutely wrong. They were absolutely atrocious. No laws have been broken. No rules have been broken. The only business in town running a legit business. Everybody else business out here they done broke the law. It’s actually in writing. So, for them to do that (revoke his business license) is totally wrong.”

Bailey’s attorney J. McGowan Williamson confirmed that the decision by the town council could be appealed to the Lowndes County Circuit Court. He indicated a decision would be made after other meetings.