White Hall Council continues to make progress, computer issue left to court

Published 9:11 pm Friday, May 6, 2016

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By Fred Guarino

The Lowndes Signal

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The White Hall Town Council continued to make progress at its second meeting since mediation, Thursday night, discussing several issues. But one, unlocking the town’s computer, will be left to the court.

In the absence of Council member Eli Seaborn, White Hall Mayor James Walker agreed to the turn water on for the town library with the council to determine a yearly allocation for the facility, a resolution to reestablish a water account for the town was signed and qualifying fees for upcoming the municipal election was announced.

The mayor and council also agreed to hold a work session on Monday, May 23 at Town Hall at 7 p.m.

Walker told the council he received a court order that the town’s computer was supposed to be unlocked (password provided by former Town Clerk Shanavia Sellers). However, Walker said he was “not in touch with Sellers” and “the court order and all of that is in process. We’ll let the court proceeding do whatever they have to do with that.”

He said, “I’ve tried to get in touch with her (Sellers), to communicate with her. I have no contact with her in that matter, so let the proceeding move forward.”

Council member Elizabeth Davis said the court should be notified of the situation because an order was received from the court regarding the unlocking of the town’s computer dated April 22 and the password was supposed to have been provided within five days of that date.

Sellers’ mother (Patricia Young) told the council the password had been embedded in a photo on the back of her computer that had been thrown away and that her daughter no longer remembers the password.

Walker told the council that all paperwork is in place for the town’s sewer project except for those persons needing to sign-up and to show their income to qualify for ADEM funded sewer hookups.

However, Council member Ceodis Baker said deeds for the sewer project were not in order, and Walker agreed to “revisit” that issue. He said he thought the deeds had been resolved.

Walker also said he would try to have the project engineer present at the next meeting.

Walker announced that he is the appointing official for the town’s water board membership. He said anyone interested in serving on the board should submit their names to him and provide a description of where they live.

Walker said he will then make recommendations for board members to the council for approval.

Walker said as to the bonding of temporary Town Clerk Felecia Perry, “Any employee can be bonded providing that they submit their data to the insurance company.”

Walker also reported he was having difficulty finding someone to do maintenance at Town Hall for $400 per month. He said the work includes cutting grass, maintenance of the building and cleaning. However, Baker suggested breaking the pay down to $10 per hour and schedule the hours of work.

Walker agreed to contact an individual about doing the work on that basis.

Walker told the council he has no problem with the town subsidizing the library, but would request an itemized budget from the library showing how the money is spent.

He said it was his idea for the town to give the library a yearly contribution to be determined by the council and let the library decide how to spend it. But when Davis said the town has always provided the water for the library without the library paying for it, Walker suggested “there are greater needs than paying water bills” by the library.

Walker said he did not have a problem getting the water turned on as long as long as there is a procedure to cover the water expense, which said can’t just be “wiped off the board.”

It was announced by Perry that qualifying dates for the upcoming White Hall municipal election will be July 5-19, fees will be $25 for council and $50 for mayor, and election day will be Aug. 23.

She said winners will take office on Nov. 7.

And in response to a person in the audience, Walker said when water leaks are repaired, cones will be placed to mark the location as a road hazard.