King files for recount, provisional votes have no effect primary results

Published 7:25 pm Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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By Fred Guarino
The Lowndes Signal
Provisional ballots will have no effect on Democratic Primary Election results based on the official precinct report provided by the office of Lowndes County Probate Judge John E. Hulett on Wednesday, March 9. However, Lowndes County District 2 Commissioner candidate Charlie King Jr. has filed with the Lowndes County Democratic Party Executive Committee for a recount of the March 1 primary ballot results in his race.
According to Hulett’s office, there were only three provisional votes cast in the March 1 primary elections in Lowndes County, and all three were cast by Democrats. There were no provisional votes cast by Republicans.
Carnell McAlpine narrowly defeated Charlie King Jr. 689 votes to 636 for County Commission District 2 on March 1. And King picked up one provisional vote to zero for McAlpine to make it a 52 vote win for McAlpine with 689 votes to 637 for King.
Lowndes County Democratic Party Executive Chairman Eli Seaborn confirmed Monday that King has filed for a recount and, “We are in the process of doing whatever is necessary.”
Seaborn said the Lowndes County Democratic Executive Committee has contacted its attorney, who is advising it at this point. He said the committee is checking to see if a recount can be done “how and whatever… It gets to be legal now.”
Seaborn also said he is waiting upon legal advice before he calls a committee meeting. He said King deposited the required $2,050 for a recount, and as to an outcome, “I have no idea.”
In other provisional vote matters:
Brenson Crenshaw Sr. lost to Joshua “Mole” Simmons by just 19 votes, 418 to 399 for Lowndes County Commission District 3 on March 1. However, neither candidate picked up any provisional votes to change the final count.
Dickson Farrior defeated Karl K. Bell with 688 votes to 495 for County Commission District 5. Each candidate picked up one provisional vote to make the final Farrior 689 to Bell 496 to maintain a 193 vote margin of victory for Farrior.
Steve Foster defeated Minnie Peterson 266 votes to 158 for Lowndes County Board of Education District 4. Neither candidate picked up any provisional votes to change the final tally.
For Lowndes County Board of Education District Three, Donald J. Carter qualified and won in the Democratic Primary for the position currently held by Annie C. Hunter because he was unopposed. His race did not appear on the primary ballot.
For District 2, District Attorney, incumbent Charlotte M. Tesmer qualified for the Democratic Primary, and William “Bill” Morgan Rayborn Jr. qualified for the Republican Primary. As they are unopposed in their respective parties, their race did not appear on primary ballots, but will appear in the general election.
Of interest, Hillary Clinton outdrew Bernie Sanders 3,782 to 330 votes on March 1. Clinton picked up two additional provisional votes to one for Sanders to make the final tally 3,784 for Clinton to 331 for Sanders.
Ron Crumpton outscored Charles Nana 1,194 votes to 774 for U.S. Senator. Crumpton picked up one provisional vote to zero for Nana to make the final 1,195 for Crumpton to 774 for Nana.
Ella B. Bell out drew Joanne Shum 2,540 votes to 484 for State Board of Education District 5.
Bell received three provisional votes to zero for Shum to make the final Bell 2,543 to 484 for Shum.

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