Opportunity for cancer survivors to participate in weight loss program in the Lowndes County Area

Published 4:13 pm Thursday, June 12, 2014

Special to the Lowndes Signal
DSN CARES is looking to enroll overweight African American men or women in Lowndes County who have survived breast, colorectal or prostate cancer. But deadline to enroll is June 21.
According to the University of Alabama at Birmingham Comprehensive Cancer Center, the African American population is particularly vulnerable to these diseases, and as a result, has designed a cancer prevention program called DSN CARES: Journey to Better Health, for African American cancer survivors and their family members to help them achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
According to UAB, obesity is at an all-time high in the United States and has been linked with increased risks of recurrence in common cancers such as breast, colorectal and prostate.
According to UAB, the program, part of the Deep South Network for Cancer Control, is a five-year grant from the National Cancer Institute to conduct a weight loss study for cancer survivors in the Deep South, including Lowndes County.
And UAB reports, while weight loss is helpful in cancer prevention and survivorship, it has not been tested among groups at greatest risk for obesity, for example, African Americans residing in rural communities in the Deep South.
“The goal of this weight loss program is not only to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence and death, but to help us understand what interventions may help survivors maintain a healthy weight, decrease the risk of obesity, and have a better quality of life,” Claudia Hardy said. She is an M.PA. and director of the Deep South Network for Cancer Control.
Monica Baskin, Ph.D., professor in the UAB Division of Preventive Medicine and principal investigator of the study, said, “We know that cancer survivors face a multitude of chronic and late effects of cancer treatment that limit their ability to participate fully in their life roles.”
She said, “This program allows us to help current and future survivors of this dreaded disease.”
According to UAB, DSN CARES is looking to enroll overweight African American men or women in Lowndes County who have survived breast, colorectal or prostate cancer.
Each survivor must also have a friend or family member willing to join the program as well. Friends or family members do not have to be cancer survivors. Survivors should be between age 30 and 70. Friends or family members must be 19 years of age or older. Both participants should commit to 20 weekly sessions over a two-year period and reside, work, or go to school in the Lowndes County area.
Participants will be compensated for their time and effort. Space is limited so please contact local county coordinator Patricia Bailey in Lowndes County at (334) 590-5694, or UAB program coordinator Michael Harris at 205/975-7120 as soon as possible for more information and/or to enroll.
Again, the deadline to enroll: June 21.

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