Cold snap leads to burst pipes, low water pressure in Hayneville

Published 8:08 pm Friday, January 10, 2014

By Fred Guarino

The recent cold snap led to burst water pipes, leaks and low water pressure in Hayneville. But Mayor Kelvin J. Lawrence said Friday afternoon the water pressure is back on the rise.

When contacted after hearing reports of a water shortage, Lawrence said, “With this cold weather, we had a lot of individuals where they had pipes burst.”

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He said on Wednesday when the weather warmed up, “We found out a lot of people had burst pipes, so, we had a lot of repairs that we had to fix, so it dropped the water pressure.”
He said at some point the water pressure was very low.

But on Friday, he said, “Our water pressure is steadily rising. So, it is just probably going to take some time for us to get back to capacity where we were.”

Lawrence said, “As of matter of fact we’re still out finding leaks contributing to the low water pressure. But we don’t have any customers who are without water at this time.”