Dialysis center approved for Hayneville

Published 9:57 am Thursday, January 24, 2013

By Fred Guarino
The Lowndes Signal

A dialysis clinic has been approved for Hayneville and should be in operation by early 2014.

Former Hayneville Mayor Helenor Bell made the announcement recently to The Lowndes Signal, and DaVita Healthcare Regional Operations Director Malia Chapman confirmed the news.

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According to Lowndes County Commission Chairman Robert Harris, the clinic will be set up in the old Health Department building located behind the Lowndes County Board of Education building.

“I think that helps a lot of people who are in Lowndes County who have to go to other counties to get treatment, dialysis,” Harris said. “I think Lowndes County needs it because transportation is a big issue.”

He said patients wouldn’t have to go and sit all day in a facility that’s 30 miles away.

Harris said the county finally found a place for DaVita, which the company approved.

“I am not sure if you have heard the very good news that a dialysis clinic has been approved to locate in Hayneville.” Bell wrote in an email to The Lowndes Signal. “This clinic will definitely improve the quality of life for the citizens of Lowndes County.”

She said the clinic is a project she started several years ago, contacting several dialysis centers in an effort to get them to locate in Hayneville.

“After several years of working on this project, Annie Robinson, assistant to the Hayneville mayor, and Dr. Aaron McCall partnered and began a great long journey to bring this project to fruition.” Bell said.

“Dr. McCall has worked tirelessly, setting up meetings, working as a liaison between the company, the (Lowndes) County Commissioners and the town of Hayneville in order to facilitate this project,” she continued.

She also credited Hayneville’s former project Manager Ronnie Daniel for having worked on this project, as well.

According to Bell, on Friday, Jan. 11 she received an email from Chapman with the news stating, “ I am happy to report we received approval for the Hayneville clinic today.”

Bell said the clinic will not only bring jobs to the area but will bring an improvement to the quality of life for citizens.

“Many times our citizens have to leave home very early in the morning, receive treatment only to return home very late in the evening only to have to do it all over again the next day,” Bell said.

Chapman said Hayneville Mayor Bell contacted her several years ago, but the company had to wait until there were enough patients to support the need for the clinic.

She said that “it will probably be at least early 2014 before the facility will be open” because a lease will have to be worked out with the county, the building will have to be remodeled and state certification is required.

She said the clinic will offer dialysis on site and will have at some point home dialysis options so that patients can do that service at home.