County Commission approves balanced budget for FY 2013

Published 12:15 pm Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Lowndes County Commission unanimously approved a more than $8 million balanced budget for fiscal year 2013 Monday night.

The budget presented by Commission Administrator Jackie Thomas said that includes a one-time $750 pay increase for full-time employees who have been with the county for one year or more.

Thomas said special revenues/capital improvement (oil release funds) of $305,055 would be split between the gasoline fund and the general fund to help balance the budget.

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She explained that last year, she budgeted $145,000 in revenue from this source, but received $202,000. And for the upcoming year, the county will get a one-time amount of $305,055.

She said the funds are used for capital projects such as dump trucks and the building (Hayneville Plaza) purchased by the commission.

Thomas said the budget is the same she used last year, in which sales tax revenues were up as well as oil release funds.

“I was real scared …that we were not going to make it through this year with the added expenditures that we had,” Thomas said. “But not only did we make it, but we made it with a little money — not a lot — but a little money left over.”

She said that was the reason she asked the commission to go with the same budget next year.

The actual budget approved for fiscal year 2013 includes $8,597,373 in revenues and that same amount in expenditures.

The general fund includes revenues of $3,786,010 with transfers in from road and bridge in the amount of $657,357, capital improvement of $152,500, 1-cent funds of $180,187 for a total of $4,775,148. Expenditures are $4,290, 148, and $60,617 for E911 and $425,189 for the gasoline fund for a total of $4,775,954.

The commission also approved low bids for Highway Department supplies, the August minutes and the consent agenda.