Lowndes County Roads affected by floodwaters

Published 1:39 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2012

By Fred Guarino

The Lowndes Signal

Several Lowndes County Roads were affected by high water as a result of heavy rains Tuesday. However, while waters receded from most roads in the county that were affected, Knight Place Road remains closed as of Wednesday and water was up on Brown Road, according to Lowndes County Engineer and Acting Emergency Management Agency Director David Butts.

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Waller Road was closed for sometime due to high water, Tuesday, Butts said.

“It was just high water. We blocked it off and the water soon receded. There were several roads that were like that,” Butts said.

Sheriff John Williams confirmed that a car did go into high water at Waller Road and Alabama 263, but said no one was injured.

Butts listed Lowndes County Roads affected by high water including 33, 37 and 45, “where the water actually crossed the road and was over the road for a certain point of time, but it soon receded to where traffic could actually go through.”

Butts said a woman did have to be evacuated from her home off Lowndes County Road 17. But he said while Knight Place Road also flooded, residents there wanted to wait it out.

He said flood waters undermined a pipe off Lowndes County Road 7 where the county Highway Department had to knock the pavement in and put dirt over it to open the road.

He said Mary Jane Jackson was cut into, but gravel was put on a pipe there and it was also open.

However, he said, Double Church Road in Collirene area, a gravel road, remained closed as of Wednesday and the water is also up on Brown Road.

Butts said the county Highway Department is working on roads affected by floodwaters. “We’re taking care of the paved roads first because there is more traffic on the paved roads and then falling back to the gravel roads,” he said.

He said work would continue until end of the week or the first of the week.