Provisional ballots have no effect on election results

Published 4:53 pm Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Provisional ballots will have no effect on Democratic Primary Election Runoff Results based on the official precinct report provided by the office of Lowndes County Probate Judge John E. Hulett on Tuesday, May 1.

There were 22 provisional ballots cast in Lowndes County’s Democratic Primary Runoff on Tuesday, April 24, according to the report. The provisional ballots were counted on May 1.

In the Democratic Primary Runoff held April 24, challenger Carnell McAlpine defeated incumbent Charlie King Jr. for the Lowndes County Commission District Two seat and Adrian Johnson won election over Debra “Caldwell” Bush as Lowndes County District Court Judge.

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On April 24, with 13 boxes counted, including absentee ballots, McAlpine defeated King 835 to 781, a margin of 54 votes. According to precinct report made May 1, King picked up 10 provisional votes to 2 for McAlpine, a gain of only 8 votes.

Johnson defeated Bush 2,409 to 1,865 on April 24, a difference of 544 votes. The precinct report showed Johnson picked up 14 provisional votes to 7 for Bush, a plus of 7 votes for Johnson.

None of these candidates face Republican opposition.