SCABC continues awareness campaign

Published 2:15 pm Thursday, March 8, 2012


Auburn University and A2D Inc., in partnership with Trillion Communications, completed its first phase of the Broadband Construction Awareness Call Campaign. Although construction efforts have been halted, community awareness and notification programs continue throughout the 8 counties impacted by the South Central Alabama Broadband Project.

“We are confident that construction will resume and our construction teams must be prepared for the rapid installation for the Alabama residents and businesses asking for installations right now! Staying proactive and keeping a steady flow of communication will ensure everyone is abreast of our current construction plans as well as our efforts to make sure this project will be completed on time and on budget,” said Antwon Alsobrook, CEO of A2D, Broadband Infrastructure Company.

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Permit prep, field data collection and community outreach efforts are still taking place as A2D representatives prepare the area for broadband installation. Despite the temporary halt of construction, design is still on-going as executives of the broadband project plan for the future.

“We’re currently submitting permits to Alabama DOT for underground network placement in Dallas, Macon, Montgomery, Lowndes, and Escambia counties. In addition, we’re working on Last Mile design for the Town of Hayneville, City of Selma and the City of Tuskegee,” said Jerrald Rector, Vice President of Infrastructure Development.

“Now, more than ever, it is crucial for the voices in the community, asking for broadband access, to be heard. We hear them and we are working aggressively to make sure our stakeholders are onboard as well. We are aware of the life changing effects broadband access can bring to Alabama residents, and we intend to fulfill our promise of completing the South Central Broadband Project,” stated Tony Shackelford, Vice President of A2D.

The network will provide access to job opportunities and job training programs; offer distance learning opportunities where students can gain access to educational programs from home; provide rural citizens access to healthcare services (telemedicine); enhance communications in Public Safety (emergency response and disaster preparedness) and provide access for new service providers to offer internet, telephone and cable/ video services to potential customers.

“Alabama residents must get connected to the South Central Alabama Broadband Network. This network will be a resource to local citizens unable to afford internet to connect to critical resources like the Alabama Department of Labor job’s database, afterschool tutoring programs, and medical doctors and wellness information without leaving the convenience of their home. Important resources will now be a click of a button away. It is up to the citizens to speak up and take advantage of the digital services provided by this NTIA-funded broadband project. This project is for Alabamians! It would be a shame if Alabama residents never get to witness the life-changing benefits this project will bring,” said Patricia Young, local resident of Lowndes County.

The South Central Alabama Broadband Project is funded by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, along with several private investors. Once the temporary halt is lifted, the project is expected to be completed by August 2013. This will impact the following 8 counties: Lowndes, Dallas, Macon, Escambia, Conecuh, Butler, Crenshaw and Wilcox. Residents of Alabama, speak up for your right to have broadband access.

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