Hayneville awards sidewalk contract

Published 8:15 am Friday, April 16, 2010

The Lowndes Signal

Small infrastructure needs are important to cites and counties and the city of Hayneville is looking to address those needs.

This week the city awarded a contract for the construction of a sidewalk along Highway 97 and announced grants made available from Congressman Bobby Bright.

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Mayor Helenor Bell and town council members announced Cardwell Construction as the winner of contract bidding for their $187,000 sidewalk project. Opening bids for the project began on Mar. 19.

Construction will take place along Highway 97 on the right-hand side of the road, according to Project Manager Ronnie Daniels.

“We appreciate the hard work of Hayneville’s staff and town council throughout the duration of this process,” said Bell.

A preconstruction meeting will be held April 21 to discuss plans for the building of the sidewalk along Highway 97.

Hayneville has recently seen a large number of grants from various agencies to improve infrastructure needs.

These projects are currently in the paperwork process and being advertised by the city.

Grants received include that from Congressman Bright for $300,000 to go toward a road resurfacing project.

However, resurfacing will not take place until the city begins its waterline upgrade with the $89,000 received from Delta Regional Authority.

“We will have South-Central Development manage this grant for us to upgrade our waterlines,” said Bell.

In addition, the city has also will be expanding its sewage system very soon through $1.3 million in funds received from the EDA and ADECA.

“The city is also one of the only recipients of a $114,000 COPS grant from the Department of Justice,” said Bell.